Last night was really one of its kind. After a long day at school and the ongoing strike, all I wanted was come home, fix something for supper then retire to bed. After pacing around the house and settling on nothing particularly,I recalled the ease with which I prepare my ugali and eggs. Not to mention the delicacy I make out of that simple recipe. (But that’s a whole blog on its own). I thus decided to get busy and assemble all my tools. With my sufuria set on the fire ready to go, ooh no! This was too painful to bear! I had run out of cooking gas that previous night!To label what I felt as frustration would actually be an understatement of what I truly felt. What happened later is a whole blog on its own, but one thing is clear, I just couldn’t go on with my cooking plans in the absence of fire. This scenario is real even in our lives. Our dreams are that meal that I set out to prepare. However, even with the lucrative and greatest of dreams we get nowhere without passion. We may have a purpose, like I had the purpose to cook, but that is just the reason why we journey. Passion is the fire that lights up our journey.

To be a passionate person is to have foresight. You most likely have seen how certain people seem to be really satisfied with what they do. They might not be named in the Forbes or the popular top – under -. That not withstanding, these people still always seem to enjoy what they do. The reason behind this is because they possess a fire within them. Never will you see them fatigued or simply getting through life. Rather all they demonstrate is energy and more energy. They actually feed us with this energy so much that all we want is to be around the task they set to undertake. All this is possible with passion. This fire is innate, within. Rather than being driven by outer rewards, a passionate person is driven by inner satisfaction.

Supposing I had not actually decided to cook, then I would not have discovered that my cooking gas had run out. The same case with passion and purpose. It is until you have discovered your purpose that your passion is ignited. Many a times, as humans we attempt to live our lives backwards. We want to have more money or wealth in order to do what we want, so we will be happier. However it works in the reverse. We must first be who we really are, then do what we need to do, in order to have what we want.

It has come to my discovery that passionate people achieve all they do mostly by the help of others. I have had the privilege of being taught by this very passionate and purposeful lecturer. He is really good at his job that all we want to do as his students is to excel in whichever unit he takes us through. Not really for ourselves, but also to make him proud. Whenever you execute your assignment passionately, while putting your mind where your hands are, then you infuse those around you with the same desire so that they actualize your success. Thus be this kind of person that people trust, can count on and enjoy spending time with. Show respect and honor to whatever assignment you decide to undertake, give yourself wholly to it, and you will be amazed at how many people will want to work with you on these things that matter to you.

To wrap it all, remember human strength is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to following your purpose with passion. Divine fusion must be present. Achieving something without God being the center is truly frustrating. Thus live beyond the present sight onto a higher level. Let the strength of Christ infuse into you as in Phillipians 4:13.  You are self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.

With love,




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Sometime back, in a function with friends somebody stepped on my little toe! Let us name this person Joe. This of course did not leave me grinning happily. I clenched my teeth and hurled you know what kind of words on him (in my mind though!). However my body language clearly spoke out my sheer lack of amusement. Joe quickly apologized but I still could not bring myself to let it go, (yet). He on the other hand, clearly looked desperate for my forgiveness. All this while, a mutual friend was watching, concerned. Joe then decided to give up ‘begging’ for my forgiveness, though not as readily. After the function the close friend called me to ask about my experience at the event. I gave my list of what pleased me and of course communicated how Joe had almost ruined my day! What this great friend said to me has stayed in my heart ever since. ‘When somebody wrongs you, or hurts you, and genuinely asks for your forgiveness, don’t let them beg for it too much, forgive them immediately. Yes they made you suffer and the feeling for revenge is clear. However it is noteworthy that when somebody asks for our forgiveness, it is humbling enough. They are already going through suffering.

Research shows that when we let go of hurt and desire to revenge, we actually feel strengthened and liberated. It is actually similar to offloading a load off our backs. The mistakes against us that we should let go of include those we are not even sure such people actually did commit. Supposing I remarked to you how someone we both know was once a moron, way before you met her. It is natural that you will react with contempt and consequently dislike and even avoid this person. At such a moment the question of forgiveness comes in. It is essential to acquaint this person of this mistake you know nothing about. This not only gives you a better chance to get to know the person deeply and free from prejudice, but also invokes whoever told you of their ill behaviour to let go as well.

Every time you forgive somebody and move on, it is a chance for growth. The saying that no one does wrong willingly goes a long way to help us go easy on those we feel wronged us. Friendship is like a coin; two sided. There is a rosy side, and a not-so-rosy one. The truest friendship is built on forgiveness and understanding. For us to fully be able to forgive and let go, we must first be at peace with ourselves. Thus it is a cycle; when we understand, forgive and give ourselves a second chance, then we can do the same for others, and when we go easy on others, we find life a lot easier.

Forgiving is always the right thing to do. It is actually better to make mistakes in compassion and forgiveness, than to work miracles in un-forgiveness and hardness. Bitterness goes a long way to rob us of our happiness. When we pick on others for mistakes they did against us, then it is impossible to celebrate the gifts in them. The line between elevation and irritation is very thin. We need divine guidance to discern this. Sometimes those whom we are unwilling to forgive, and treat with contempt are actually what we need to realize our greatest potential. To hold another person captive may be mesmerizing to us but in real sense it inhibits our own creativity. Every time we think of improving ourselves, we have to consider how this person will react. Consequently, we do not even lift a finger to make things better anymore. In retrospect, when we forgive and treat others with kindness, it comes back to us. Forgiveness restores our peace, just as Mother Teresa said, ‘if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other’. Thus just let it go!



HANDSHAKE1Have you been to a place, say a restaurant,shopping mall or any other place and you felt you would consider going back there next time! May be it was the reception you loved, or the way they plainly understood exactly what you needed.. In retrospect, have you felt so much dissatisfied with some services that you vowed never to return to that place, and true to your word you haven’t gone back there? While you also vowed that once you become an entrepreneur, you will handle your customers differently..? If your answer to the above is yes, then read on because this article is for you.

The key thing to retaining customers is not customer satisfaction, but rather emotional connection. This is what keeps clients ‘coming back for more’. Sadly, it is the most understood because it’s not about being emotional or showing an emotion, but it’s about making a human connection-one person to another. Showing the people that you serve that they are the most important to you, not just the job at hand.

I found this quite interesting! “A person’s mood can be affected even by three degrees of separation from people they do not even know!” Thus we all long for connection and friendship. In fact, science has proven loneliness to be physically painful! It is in our human nature to seek connection with fellow human beings.

We will only accomplish through people. Let’s not lose sight of that by focusing too much on the amount of work. Our attention should be centered on the quality of our human connections. Make those people around you happy by connecting with them emotionally, and you will be happy.





Everything rises and falls upon leadership. 2698708_orig

A flock of sheep led by a lion is better than a pride of lions led by a sheep.’ Wait,did I  hear that right?! Wow! Interesting! So then what is leadership? It is the power to influence and transform. You are not a leader until you have transformed the lives of those around you. You must be a role model. Your fruits must be seen. Do you consider yourself a leader? That answers lies here; Do you leave your followers worse off or better off? Food for thought!

May I pose another question to you. How do you react to situations,especially those that destabilize you? Is your answer akin to “I rise to my situations and face them head on!” If so, then you are a true leader. A leader is as good as the situation and his motivation! Leaders do not just complain about their plight, but rather they rise up and create the situation that they deem ideal.

I seek to provoke your thinking once more. Are you happy with the current state of our leadership. From home,school, work and even to our whole nation? Or do you constantly feel that our current leaders do not pass the threshold of integrity? If you feel so, then you are well informed about leadership. leadership is being ethical. Having your actions centered on the pillars of integrity and ethics. Our God loves justice. You are a youth,and so am I. Let’s stand for what is right. We will be judged by generations to come. Do you feel you have learned something,then change to be a better leader because until you change, then you haven’t learned.








The palm of your hands

handHave a look look at your palm. You notice that the thumb,though the shortest is the strongest of them all. This represents change. Change is inevitable. it is the only thing that lasts. Allow your mind to change positively.

Take a closer look at the index finger. The ‘accusing’ finger. Far from it! This is the symbol of learning. Knowledge is akin to power and learning is lifelong.

Take some good time to admire your middle finger. (chuckling) It doesn’t represent that! Rather this represents your life/your journey. Focus on your journey and make it worthwhile.

Wow! The ring finger! the sign of love and union between two souls rests here. Indeed this finger represents your relationships; your friends,family and role models. Try this out; bend your ring finger. The middle finger follows suit! When something is amiss in your relationships,your life is bound to be affected. First assess your allies,then access them.

Last but not least, your little finger. It may seem the least but this is at the center of your life. This is the symbol of your dreams . That which strongly compels you! The seed that God placed in your hand as you were born into this world. Chase your dreams tirelessly; they may be seeds today, but tomorrow they will become a tree and the world will enjoy its shade. Be authentic with your aspirations; the world will only dance to an original tune!